Gabriela Mendez Yurkanin, DPM

Trauma, Lower extremity, Podiatry | Specializes in nerve repair

Plains, PA

Wilkes Barre General

201 N. Main St
Plains, PA 18705

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Gabriela Yurkanin, DPM

The Foot and Ankle Reconstructive Center focuses on the comprehensive treatment of all foot and ankle pathology; these include deformities, sports related injuries, nerve injuries, arthritis, diabetic foot problems and ulcerations.  Dr. Yurkanin’s goal is to provide patients with quality of care through compassion, commitment and excellence.  Dr. Gabriela Mendez Yurkanin uses the most advanced techniques in foot and ankle surgery to provide patients with an earlier return to walking, decreased pain and increased function.

Undergrad: Montclair State University
Medical Degree: New York College of Podiatric Medicine
Residency: Community Medical Center
Certifications: Board certified ABPS Foot and Ankle Reconstructive Surgery