who are peripheral nerve surgeons?

What is a nerve surgeon called? Find out what makes a peripheral nerve surgeon so specialized.

experiencing chronic pain after a car accident

Your chronic pain after a car accident might be nerve damage.

nerve injury after a fracture

Nerve injuries can often occur after a fracture. Learn how nerve repair can help.

an alternative to opioids: surgical nerve repair

If you’re living with chronic pain, it may feel like opioids are the only way to find relief, however brief. Surgical nerve repair is a different approach.

what can i expect from nerve repair surgery?

From your first surgeon visit to post-surgery recovery, here’s what you should know about nerve surgery.

how can surgery result in nerve damage?

If you have pain after surgery that lingers beyond the normal recovery time, you may have a damaged nerve.

nerve damage after hand injury: learn the signs

From cuts to carpal tunnel, hand injuries are common causes of nerve damage. Learn the signs.

what causes numbness and tingling in arms and hands?

If your hands and arms feel numb or tingly, it may indicate nerve damage.

how to talk to your doctor about pain

Ensuring doctors take your pain seriously is critical as you look to them for guidance on pain management or elimination.

how to care for someone living with chronic pain

How to care for someone with chronic pain—and care for yourself along the way.

understanding common causes of nerve damage

From kitchen accidents to car wrecks, there are several situations that can lead to damaged nerves. Here are four common causes of nerve damage.

understanding the difference between acute and chronic pain

But what happens when pain lingers? When it overstays its welcome? That’s where chronic pain comes into play.

are you a candidate?

Answer these questions to see if surgical nerve repair is right for you.